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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spark Naturals is Now Offering Birch Essential Oil

Spark Naturals has launched it's newest product...

 Here's the skinny on BIRCH...

Birch's properties are:

anti-inflammatory/anti-rheumatic--it helps to stimulate the circulatory system which improves circulation.  Improper circulation results in edema (swelling), arthritis, and rheumatism. As a detoxifier, Birch helps to remove the root cause of these diseases which is toxin buildup in the body.

antispasmodic/analgesic--helps relieve cramps, reduces pain of joints, muscles, headache and toothache.

stimulant--stimulates the circulatory system, digestive system, excretory system and nervous system.  Also stimulates the secretion of hormones and enzymes through the endocrinal glands which can be helpful to diabetics in need of lowering their blood sugar levels.

antiseptic/disinfectant--protects from bacterial and fungal infections.

astringent/tonic--tones the skin by effectively reducing wrinkles and saggy skin.

diuretic--helps remove toxins from the blood through increased perspiration and urination therefore, purifying the blood. 

 Birch essential oil works great in lotions and salves to help rid the body of ringworm and relieve eczema.

Birch promotes weight loss, improves digestion and lowers blood pressure!  

What doesn't it do?

Birch blends well with lemon, sandalwood, rosemary, basil, bergamot, cypress and geranium

So many great uses for this fantastic oil!  
You need this in your essential oil arsenal!

Purchase it here:  Spark Naturals and use code "sonshine" for a 10% discount!

Supply may be limited, so you might have to wait on a backorder--but don't let that stop you!  Order yours today!

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Modern Essentials 4th Edition
Spark Naturals

Birch is not recommended for pregnant women and those who suffer from epilepsy due to it's high concentration of methyl salicylate.

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