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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sign Up for Spark Naturals Affiliate Program!

Did you know that Spark Naturals offers an affiliate program?  

YOU can be an affiliate for Spark Naturals!

Why would you want to?  
You can share about Spark Naturals affordable, pure essential oils with friends and family and earn a small commission  for your family when you do! 

How awesome is that?!!  

Each product purchased using your own code or link means $$ building up for your family.  See the commission sheets below for information on the amount you earn for each product.

This is a very simple and effective way to get the word out about these wonderful, affordable oils! And, you get to offer an additional 10% discount.  You'll receive your own unique discount code. You can even use this same code when placing orders for your own 10% discount. 

Have you tried Spark Naturals essential oils, yet?  If not, better get to it quickly...you're missing out!  Spark Naturals will be looking to see that you at least know a little bit about their products before approving you as an affiliate for their company.  This is the only requirement to join as an affiliate.

And, if you haven't, try the Oil of The Month Club...it's the best option, yet.  You get a 15 ml bottle of oil once a month for $15.99 including shipping!  That's a GREAT deal!  August's Oil of the Month is Shield. See this post on how we use it...Germs Aside!

Click here to Sign Up

That's it!
You will also have the ability of recruiting affiliates and earning a commission off of them as well.  

I'd like to recruit you as an affiliate....will you join The GRAY Area's team?  

Please put Dawn Gray or The GRAY Area on your affiliate agreement and we can work together in educating others about essential oils and a new company on the scene that is growing by leaps and bounds!

Are you ready to start on a new journey?  Begin today!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Back To School Time~! Essential Oil Blends I Would Not Be Without...

It's Back to School Time! Essential Oil Blends I Would Not Be Without

what does that bring to mind? 
Lots of kids congregated together in small spaces
unwashed hands
noses being picked
drinking/eating after each other

ugh! :0(
yep, that about sums it up.

Unless, you homeschool like we do!  But, there's still the...

WalMart trips
sports activities
music lessons
playdates with friends 

So the above mentioned yuckies still apply! :0(

and germs ABOUND!

So, what's a mom to do? Well, this mom, in case you haven't noticed....uses essential oils! 

My two favorite items to have around in situations like this....pretty much all year....but, especially fall/winter is my Germs Aside and Sonshine Hand Sanitizer.  

Everybody can benefit from these blends...public school-ers and homeschool-ers alike!

We use these every day...several times a day.

I make up roller bottles of fractionated coconut oil and Spark Naturals Shield Blend and Wild Orange to rub on the bottoms of our feet--this is our Germs Aside.  We do this at bedtime and when we get dressed in the mornings and, after we homeschool if we have to go on errands.  My 2 yr. old, Judah calls it "tickle" and we giggle and laugh since it does tickle as you rub it on your feet.  I also just rub on my hands and pat on everyone's hair and clothes before we leave.

Here's my "recipe":

Germs Aside
6 drops Shield
4 drops Wild Orange
Fill 1/3 oz. roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil

We use Sonshine Hand Sanitizer all the time while we are out.  We get back in the van after each stop and pass the bottle around.  My 2 yr. old begs for it, too!!

Sonshine Hand Sanitizer
6 drops Shield
4 drops Lemon
3 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Cinnamon
Put drops in 1 oz. spray bottle and fill with witch hazel
 or you could double the recipe and put it in this 2 oz. bottle from Spark Naturals.

These blends are antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-septic!

All of these essential oils and the Shield Blend can be purchased at  Spark Naturals including the 10 ml roll on bottles and spray bottle.

Don't forget to use code "sonshine" for a 10% discount! 

Here's to happy, healthy schooling!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

STAMP out Cramps, An Essential Oil Blend for PMS

Do you suffer from cramping, bloating, back pain, mood swings during your "time of the month?"   

I've found a blend of essential oils that is really working for me.
(My apologies to all the men-folk who might happen upon my blog....it's a sensitive topic, but hey, this is a fact of life that needs to be dealt with!)

This last month, I had horrible back pain instead of cramping.  That was a first for me.  It was very similar to the pain I have during labor and childbirth...just not to the same extent.  
 Thank goodness! :0)  But, very unpleasant, nonetheless!
 I went in search of my "trial" bottle that says PMS blend (I just added the Birch last month, but have used this blend for about 4-5 months.) and slathered it all over my lower back.  It was a very busy morning for me and about 15 minutes later I thought..."hmmmm...I don't have any more pain!"  

I like no pain!  How about you?? :)

Most times when using this blend I put it on my abdomen kinda in the pelvic area...just wherever there is pain/cramping and at night I put it on the bottoms of my feet.

Guess it's time to share this blend with you...now that I know it's working--at least for me.  So, give it a try! 

Stamp Out Cramps
1 drop Birch essential oil
3 drops Clary Sage essential oil
2 drops Geranium essential oil
2 drops Grapefruit essential oil
2 drops Bergamot essential oil
2 drops Carrot Seed essential oil
1/3 oz. roller bottle 

Apply as needed to trouble areas--back, abdomen/pelvic area and even bottoms of feet.

For a particularly painful time...try rubbing these oils into the abdomen/pelvic area and then lying down with a warm towel or heating pad on top.

Birch helps with the pain of cramping

 Clary Sage helps to reduce cramping, bloating and mood swings or irritability

Geranium is great for the pain and inflammation/bloating of menstruation and emotional balance

Grapefruit helps with the water retention and tension associated with PMS

Bergamot can be an effective emotional balancer and helps with feelings of listlessness and tiredness

Carrot Seed Oil can help with muscle pain

All of these oils can be purchased at Spark Naturals
Don't forget to use code "sonshine" for a 10% discount.

Just an FYI--It's great to carry in your pocket :0).  I do!

Now available for purchase here: 
Sonshine Botanicals
Birch essential oil must be used with caution. Read this post from created2fly for information you desperately need if using Birch.
Birch: A Cautionary Tale

Blend updated in October, 2014 -- Carrot Seed oil added and ratios tweaked.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Headache Cease

Do you deal with frequent or occasional headaches?  We do.  We've experimented with several EO's to help alleviate the pain. 

We've come up with a headache blend that's been helping quite a bit.  With the addition of Birch essential oil this blend is a tremendous help in making the headache cease!!
Headache Cease
Fractionated Coconut Oil
1/3 oz. roller bottle

Put drops in the bottle in order listed and then fill with the fractionated coconut oil.

Remember: use precaution when applying birch essential oil.  
See this blog post for more info. Birch: A Cautionary Tale

Make up a blend to try today!  Here's hoping and praying it works for you, too.  These oils can all be purchased through Spark Naturals.  Use code "sonshine" for a 10% discount.

Please leave a comment and let me know!

This blend can be purchased from Sonshine Botanicals via paypal if you don't have all the oils and you'd like to give it a try.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Zits Away!

Do you suffer from acne?  Occasional, unsightly blackheads and zits?  I'm in my 40's (shhhh....don't let my secret out!) and still dealing with acne.  I always thought it was mostly for the teenage years.  


I'm not one for medications, creams, etc.  I just usually wait it out, mourn :(, pinch and squeeze...hehehe!  
(TMI--I know :0)!)

Should you pinch and squeeze to POP that zit??

I'm linking to some articles that give good reasons why you should resist the urge to squeeze, pinch and POP!

Is It Okay to Pop A Pimple?  
To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze 

And, who knew....Dr. Oz created a video on Oprah to show those who cannot resist, how to pop your pimple...

Dr. Oz...How To Pop A Pimple 

Instead of squeezing, pinching and popping...let's keep that acne away in the first place.  And, if you still get a pimple, zit or blackhead....then spray this directly on it.  The antiseptic and healing properties of these two oils, along with the benefits of witch hazel will zap that zit!

Zits Away
An acne blend for a clear complexion
10 drops lavender
10 drops melaleuca
2 oz. spray bottle
fill with Witch Hazel

Apply to face and neck 2x daily.  Can be used as often as needed.  

I use it more than twice a day on days I don't wear makeup--pretty much whenever I think about it.

Use caution when spraying around the eyes.

I've been using this for about a week now, call me crazy, but my face feels a little firmer.  Like it's firming up that saggy skin from all those years of squeezing and pinching blackheads and zits! :0)

Not to mention that the zits have dried up and are going away!

Lavender and Melaleuca can be purchased at 

Use code "sonshine" for a 10% discount

If you do not have the essential oils to make Zits Away, consider purchasing the blend at Sonshine Botanicals.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Stay In The Game" EO Sports Kit

I'm guest posting today on my sister's blog Joy Comes in all Shapes and Sizes.
 I'm sharing an EO Sports Kit that we developed while she was here for a few days getting a crash course in the EO life! 
 Please join us over there as we share some wonderful blends for any sports-minded teenagers!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Motion Potion--Updated 2014

A simple, easy to make blend for motion sickness, nausea, queasiness....

If you get squeamish just using the word "potion", have no fear...  It just means a blend or drink that is medicinal or poisonous.  This blend is FAR from poisonous and can be taken internally in a capsule (1-2 drops each).

My sister just spent a couple of days with me and we worked on a crash course for her in Essential oils!  She's just starting the EO journey and wanted to learn about them before she goes back to school as a Speech Language Pathologist (check out her new blog Joy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes and facebook page Joy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes). 
She knows that life will be extremely busy from now on and wanted to learn what she could and practice putting some blends together.  So, that's what we did and we had so much fun!

Lora-Joy (sis) struggles with motion sickness very badly and wants to get rid of Dramamine for good.  So, we started looking at the essential oils that help with nausea to come up with a simple blend for her to use.  

What we came up with is amazing and super easy!  She's already noticing a difference! YAY!!

It's just equal parts ginger and peppermint essential oils.
We put 8 drops peppermint and 7 drops of ginger in a 1/3 oz. roller bottle and then filled with fractionated coconut oil.  She puts this on her wrists and back of neck and rubs clockwise on her tummy.  

The essential oils of ginger and peppermint can be purchased at Spark Naturals.  Use the link and code "sonshine" for a 10% discount.

Then we also put 20 drops of each oil in a 5/8 dram vial for her to take with her in the vehicle.  
She puts a couple drops of Motion Potion on Flower Power  to get the aromatherapy benefits of the oils and to make her vehicle smell yummy! (if you don't have any Flower Power, you need it!  You can purchase these at created2fly!)

It would also be perfect in a diffuser for when you are at home or in your classroom.

Like this one you can buy on Amazon with my affiliate link Green Air Spa Vapor Diffuser   

or an Aroma2Go USB diffuser for your computer
(an affiliate link)
(watch the video to see how these work...they are awesome!)

Here is Lora-Joy's testimonial:

I am so excited about Dawn's new blend, Motion Potion! I struggle with motion sickness. Today during a 3 hour drive through lots of curvy roads, I did not get nauseous at all!!!!

I put several drops on a Flower Power from Created2Fly attached to my air vent in the car, sniffed the Motion Potion and rubbed a little on each of my wrists-awesome!!!!

Make up your own blend today and please let us know if it helps! If you don't have these oils, the blend can be purchased at Sonshine Botanicals store.

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