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Proverbs 3:5-6

Hannah's Hope

Our daughter, Hannah has Type I Diabetes.  Hannah has been a trooper through this whole ordeal.  She was diagnosed at 3 yrs. old.  Today (11 yrs. old) she checks her sugar before each meal, counts her carbs and figures her own shots (with occasional help from us).  Hannah checks her blood sugar anywhere from 7-10 times a day and gets 4 shots a day.  We are working hard to manage her sugar levels and keep them in a healthy range.  It's a constant struggle and she has low blood sugars that are dangerous.  

A lot of those lows happen in the middle of the night and we are up a LOT checking her sugars each night to make sure she doesn't go too low.  We also live on a farm and she likes to walk down the drive and get the mail.  It's a 1/2 mile walk (we live at the top of a hill) and there have been times, she's had a sugar drop on the walk....and, struggled to get back to the house.  When we work on our Christmas trees we've had occasions where she needed help to get home for juice and crackers to get her sugar back to a normal level.  A service dog would play a major role in helping us keep these occasions from happening.  A service dog would alert Hannah and then one of us if her sugar begins to drop too low and we can correct before she ever gets to a dangerous stage.  A service dog would also help us to know if her sugar is rising so that we can correct it with an insulin shot. 

We found out about CARES, Inc. and immediately applied...we've been on the waiting list for almost 2 yrs. now....we'll be getting her service dog in March, 2014.

Here's a great news story about a young girl and her Diabetic Alert Dog.  It's very well done!  Hannah's dog will be from the same place that Elle's dog, Coach is from.  Please watch this video.  It explains so much!

We are needing to raise the funds for Hannah's Diabetic Alert Dog.
Would you be willing to help us raise the $7000.00 needed to purchase the dog and for our trip to Kansas for a week or more?  If so, please click the donate tab and make a donation to Hannah's account through paypal. 

WE DID IT!  We've reached our goal of $7000.00!!

However, we will still have expenses after we bring Hannah's dog home...so, if you'd like to make a donation we will welcome them. 
You don't have to have a paypal account to use your credit/debit card to donate.

 Hannah’s ultimate hope is healing from the Lord Jesus Christ and as we pray and wait on that, her hope is for a Diabetic Alert dog that will help ease our minds as we manage her sugars.

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  1. I am a Type I diabetic, diagnosed at 2 years old. I have now lived with it for over 40 years. Around ten years ago, I discovered a wonderful invention that made my life much better. That device is a continuous blood glucose monitor. You attach a sensor to your body, by means of a needle, removing the needle after insertion, then calibrate it and have it monitor your BG levels all day everyday. The sensor is changed every seven days, using the one I have. There is also an insulin pump that operates in much the same way as the CGM. Also a great device for diabetes management. They are very expensive, so hopefully you have medical coverage to help with the cost if you decide to go that path.

    Another bit of useful information for you. There is a doctor in Boston that has had some very positive results toward curing diabetes, though she will not say that. Her name is Dr. Denise Faustman. I have flown to Boston twice to provide blood samples and I have donated to her cause. I believe she is our best chance at a cure. Do some research and find out about her. There will be a number of articles trying to discredit her, mainly by organizations that claim to want a cure, but swat a legitimate possibility aside without good evidence to do so.

    I pray that Hannah has a relatively easy time with her diabetes and also that he provides you strength and discernment in being there for her. God bless.


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