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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sign Up for Spark Naturals Affiliate Program!

Did you know that Spark Naturals offers an affiliate program?  

YOU can be an affiliate for Spark Naturals!

Why would you want to?  
You can share about Spark Naturals affordable, pure essential oils with friends and family and earn a small commission  for your family when you do! 

How awesome is that?!!  

Each product purchased using your own code or link means $$ building up for your family.  See the commission sheets below for information on the amount you earn for each product.

This is a very simple and effective way to get the word out about these wonderful, affordable oils! And, you get to offer an additional 10% discount.  You'll receive your own unique discount code. You can even use this same code when placing orders for your own 10% discount. 

Have you tried Spark Naturals essential oils, yet?  If not, better get to it quickly...you're missing out!  Spark Naturals will be looking to see that you at least know a little bit about their products before approving you as an affiliate for their company.  This is the only requirement to join as an affiliate.

And, if you haven't, try the Oil of The Month Club...it's the best option, yet.  You get a 15 ml bottle of oil once a month for $15.99 including shipping!  That's a GREAT deal!  August's Oil of the Month is Shield. See this post on how we use it...Germs Aside!

Click here to Sign Up

That's it!
You will also have the ability of recruiting affiliates and earning a commission off of them as well.  

I'd like to recruit you as an affiliate....will you join The GRAY Area's team?  

Please put Dawn Gray or The GRAY Area on your affiliate agreement and we can work together in educating others about essential oils and a new company on the scene that is growing by leaps and bounds!

Are you ready to start on a new journey?  Begin today!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, I was trying to access the commissions pages that you've linked but they're disabled. I am hoping to sign up as an affiliate but trying to determine if it's worth $25/year or if I should just stick with using a friend's coupon code.

    Could you re-publish or potentially email me a copy? My email is mrs.koehler1@gmail.com

  2. Kriskoeh...so sorry about that. I've updated the links and you should be able to see the commission information, now.

    Also, if you plan to share Spark Naturals with others....yes, it's worth it to pay the $25.00 fee!!

    When you order from a friend's code you get 10% off.

    When you order using your own affiliate code...you get 10% off plus commission! Win-Win in my book. I hope you'll join us! I'll do all I can to help you and so will Spark Naturals!!


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