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Sunday, September 8, 2013

ReFresh--A DIY Sanitizing, Deodorizing, Cleaning Blend

Are you tired of several different cleaning blends for each and every area of your house?  

Me, too.  

Too many different things to make, etc.  
I love how this blend will work for so many different things--not everything, mind you....but there are a lot of different uses for ReFresh.

This is a great all-purpose, cleansing blend of essential oils.  It has sanitizing, purifying and deodorizing properties.

ReFresh Concentrate
6 drops Cilantro essential oil
8 drops Citronella essential oil
20 drops Lemon essential oil
31 drops White Fir essential oil
13 drops Lime essential oil
7 drops Melaleuca essential oil

This will give you 85 drops of oils and will fill an empty 5 ml essential oil bottle.

ReFresh Spray Cleaner
Add 35 or more drops to a 16 oz. bottle of vinegar for an all-purpose cleaner.

**Use this as an antiseptic/antibacterial/anti-viral cleaner and wipe down countertops, kitchen table, doorknobs, refrigerator (especially the handles), front of dishwasher, stove handles, microwave, outside of toilets, inc. 

**This spray blend works well on windows, too.

**We used it to get rid of the mold on our grill...inside and out.
 **It's a great cleaner for all things mold and dirt that covers your outdoor lawn furniture after a really wet summer.

**Spray it in trash cans to get rid of odor.

**Spray on carpet where puppy thinks it's the potty area. Make sure to sop up all the pee first.  It cleans and gets rid of the odor.  I typically spray in the area once a week to keep the fresh EO smell so puppy won't "go" there again.

 **A great deodorizing spray for bags (like duffel or gym bags).

**Use it as a Fe-breeze type spray on furniture!

Other Uses:
We mix ReFresh with witch hazel and spray in stinky shoes every night for a wonderful "Stinky Feet No More" Spray (click link to see blog post about this one).  

Diffuse ReFresh in rooms that have an odd odor and in vehicles. 

Place a few drops of ReFresh in the rinse cycle of your laundry.  I use vinegar in my rinse dispenser and just add a few drops of ReFresh in with it.

Add a spray top to the 5 ml ReFresh bottle and you have an instant anti-itch spray....we call it "Stop that Itch"!!  You can use witch Hazel for a carrier, if needed.

when you think you've encountered poison ivy.  Just spray it on and rub it in...rub on your flip flops, too.  It stops poison ivy in it's tracks!! 

Each of the oils properties are:
Cilantro is antibacterial

Citronella is antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, tonic and stimulant

Lemon is antiseptic, antidepressant, antifungal, antiviral, astringent

White Fir is analgesic, antiseptic, and stimulant

Lime is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, restorative and tonic

Melaleuca is analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-infectious.

Mix up some ReFresh today!  I think you'll be glad you did! 
Most of these oils can be purchased at Spark Naturals.
Use code "Sonshine" for a 10% discount.

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  1. Hey I know you already! :) Found you on Wildcrafting Wednesday. Love this recipe!

  2. Thank you! I've been looking for this! How long will it last both just as the concentrate and then as the actual mixture?

    1. I've been doing a little research since your question came in and asked some people who've been doing EOs a lot longer than I have...So, here's the skinny...
      Citrus EOs will only last for 1 year. Since there are citrus oils in this blend--that will apply.
      I've never had white vinegar go bad but would hold to the one year also in the spray cleaner.

      Most other EOs will have about a 2 year shelf life. But, in a blend always go with the shortest shelf life of any one EO.

      Just an FYI: I have replaced my plastic spray bottle with an amber glass spray bottle to keep down any breakdown of the plastic by the EO's which could happen in less than a year's time. So, a glass bottle (not clear) would be the best option for storing and using this also. I have young children who will help me with some cleaning chores and I may pour some of my blend from the glass bottle into a plastic one when they are helping me and then pour what's left into the glass bottle once we are finished. We'll see how that works! :D
      Thanks so much for asking!

  3. YEA!! I've been looking for a DIY blend that I can mix up myself, vs buying Purify from doTerra, so that I can attempt some roll-on deodorant for my son. This looks like it may fit the bill. AWESOME! :)

    1. Yay! Please come back and share your roll-on deodorant recipe! Would love to give it a try!


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