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Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hannah's Special Birthday Surprise!

We got Hannah a kitty for her birthday. She is an indoor cat--only! Daddy says that she will never go outside. So....we're working hard to make sure that Caleb shuts the door now when he comes inside! :0)

Hannah decided to name her Mercy. We were in the van on the way to get her and Hannah told me that instead of Maya (which is what she'd previously decided to name her) she felt like she had to name her Mercy because she just couldn't get the song "Waves of Mercy, Waves of Grace" out of her head. So precious! We love the name and this kitty has just adapted well to our home. She's not tried to hide even one time. She just seems to fit right in. David and I were gone for about 2 hours today and Dakota stayed with Hannah and Caleb. When we got home, Hannah and Caleb were playing outside and when I got to the kitchen and started putting my purse on the table....Mercy came running and her little tail was like wagging and she just sat at my foot looking up at me and meowing!! How sweet! She loves us, yep she does!!

Hannah's having a hard time with the claw-thing. Mercy has gotten her a few times. We keep explaining that Mercy doesn't realize that she's hurting her. Hopefully, Hannah will learn and not be so offended when she does get scratched in the future!

Please pray for me....I'm sneezing and my nose has run a few gallons of snot this evening. Could it be the kitty? Please, no. I'm going to have to be more careful when I handle her.


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