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Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!!

We started a lapbook a few weeks ago about the ministry of Jesus. We've been learning a lot about Jesus and His ministry. We finished up last week with him dying on the cross on what we call Good Friday. We finished up the last one today and it was all about His burial and resurrection. The timing of it all has worked out really well.

We celebrated Passover on Thursday evening. I cooked and prepared our first Passover meal. It was a wonderful, meaningful celebration. Caleb was a little bit bored and kept interrupting (what else do you expect from a 3 yr. old??) But, it was a very meaningful time for us and we will probably do this every year. We missed Dakota and wished he could have been there.

The Passover Meal table
The red bin is for hand-washing and the plate with the towel over it is our Matzah.
The Seder Plate--horseradish (bitter herb), boiled egg, charoset, parsley, romaine, salt water, grape juice and the lamb (not pictured--I made a chicken and potato recipe with herbs and lemon)
This is Caleb washing his hands during a part of the celebration

We've also made a "Hill of Calvary" to celebrate Resurrection Day. We started it last Monday by making our hill with the tomb and planting wheatberries. We've been spraying it with water several times a day for a full week. The wheat grass has grown like crazy and it really looks very pretty. It's been fun for the kids. It's also been a great learning experience. On Good Friday evening we opened the tomb and placed "Jesus" in the tomb (we wrote descriptions of Jesus all over a clothespin and wrapped it in a handkerchief). We sealed the tomb shut. On Sunday morning we got up to the stone rolled to the side and the handkerchief still in the tomb. But, no sign of Jesus anywhere!! HE IS RISEN!!!

Hannah and Caleb making the "mud" for our Hill of Calvary
Caleb quickly lost interest

Muddy hands! What fun!
We made Jesus out of a clothespin

We opened the tomb--see our wheatgrass growing on the hill? Those are roots poking down inside the tomb.

We wrapped Jesus in the burial cloth and placed him in the tomb.

We resealed the tomb

Resurrection Morning! Jesus is gone! HE HAS RISEN!!

Look how much the grass has grown in a few days!

We made resurrection rolls for breakfast. Hannah and Caleb loved rolling the marshmallows in butter and then in the cinnamon/sugar mixture. We rolled the marshmallow in a crescent roll and placed them on the pan.
The marshmallow represents Jesus.
The crescent roll is the tomb.
The butter represents the embalming oils
The sugar/cinnamon mixture represent the burial spices.

We cooked them in the oven and the marshmallow (Jesus) melted and the rolls were hollow inside just like the tomb after Jesus rose!!
They were yummy!

We are so blessed to have such an awesome Savior! He is alive! Thank You, Jesus!

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