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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Essential Oils to the Rescue!

Yesterday something really cool happened....well, um....it wasn't a good thing...but we found out something really interesting, cool, and informational!

I took my son, Caleb to his K-3 Fun class that meets 2x a month.  He absolutely loves it and this was the first day of the semester.  

When we arrived, there was an unmistakeably yucky smell in the building.  I later learned that the vacuum cleaner had blown it's belt.  You know that smell, right?  Well, there was a building full of K-3 graders and parents and it was downright icky.  The teacher asked me if I could find some febreeze or something to try and counteract the smell.  

I remembered that essential oils will actually break down the molecules of the odor and send it on its way.  So, I went to the van to see what I had with me.  My purse was full of roller bottles, so I knew those wouldn't work.  And, then it hit me....I had a couple spray bottles of my Sonshine Hand Sanitizer.  So, I grabbed them and sent my daughter to one area of the building and I went to the other (class had already started by then) and I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible spraying this in each room. I left a bottle with one of the helpers and we left.  
My cutie, Caleb holding the EO bottle with glee

2 hours later, when we returned there was no evidence whatsoever of the odor.  His teacher even mentioned that some who had come in after I left were remarking at how GOOD the building smelled!  

YAY!  Essential oils to the rescue!!  

Sonshine Hand Sanitizer 
(doubles as an Air Freshener)
12 drops Shield
8 drops Lemon
6 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Lavender 
4 drops Cinnamon
Put drops in 2 oz. spray bottle and fill with witch hazel. 
Purchase quality essential oils at great prices with a $5.00 flat shipping rate at Spark Naturals.  Use code "sonshine" and you will get 10% off your order.    

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